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When Will We Re-Open?

As the Covid-19 New York State pause date of May 15th nears, I am wondering who will green light us for the store to re-open.  I've heard there are 7 criteria that need to be met in the county, although it looks like at this time Central New York has only met 6 out of the 7 criteria. 

The Hamilton Farmers Market will reopen this Saturday, May 16th for the season with a laundry list of restrictions and new policies.  This event is no longer for browsing and wandering back and forth aimlessly, but a directed traffic flow encouraging customers to pre-order, pick-up and go. 

Once we do re-open our doors, retail will have a new normal as well.  At Shol's we will be doing more disinfecting of doorknobs, hangers, and hard surfaces.  We will be wearing and selling face mask coverings.  Any items being taken into the fitting rooms will be set aside for steaming before returning to the floor.  The ipad screen and stylus will have to be disinfected after each use and we'll have the google pay option active for touchless payments. 

Currently, I it doesn't look like we will able to open this weekend.  Retail has been listed on phase 1 of reopening for curb-side pick up only.  I'm not sure I can make this an option on my online store.  Any local online orders I will deliver next day.  You can always drop me an email if you have something you need ASAP.  (info@sholsboutique.com) I'm not in the store everyday to check the answering machine for calls.  I've also waived shipping charges since we can't shop in-store and I'll be updating the return policy and posting it online. 

We'll be ready and looking forward to welcoming everyone back as soon as we can.  Since we have a small space, the 6' spacing may be a little challenging to map out, but we'll do our best.  It will be great to see the streets of Hamilton filling up with parked cars and pedestrians again once it's time!