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Spring Trending

Hello Readers!

I have not written a blog in awhile, the main reason being it just didn't feel appropriate during the pandemic.  Now that we are coming up on a year of dealing with this, and the vaccines are being distributed and some states are already pulling back all restrictions, at least there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

It has been a rough year on everyone.  The last thing on people's minds has been their wardrobe - rightfully so.  However, since i'm in the wardrobe biz, that has made things over here a lot less fun.  Thank you to everyone who has come in and picked things up to help support me!  I appreciate every order that much more!  

Thankfully, I'm still here.  Colgate students are still here.  Hopefully with how careful everyone is continuing to be, we will have some events to attend this Spring and Summer.  One questions I get a lot is, what are the trends this year?  I'll tell you what I'm seeing!

Leather is still HOT!  Tops, bottoms, bodysuits, accessories.  Even the preppiest girly types can find a way to incorporate a bad a$$ leather piece into their wardrobe.  I'm currently obsessed with these patent leather leggings from SPANX -which are the first ones I've brought home incidentally- and have been known to sport 3x a week.  Yes, they are definitely shapewear and you need to do the 'SPANX shimmy' to get into them, but the results are well worth the effort.  Some of these patent legging types may 'squeak' but i'll let you in on a secret, a little oil or lotion and they will stop.  It's freaky.  

SPANX patent leather leggings

Here are some other favorites in the leather category, the leather cami from BB Dakota and the V neck bodysuit also BB Dakota.  A more subdued leather pant in 5-pocket style (Hydie pant from Velvet by Graham & Spencer) is great for tucking those crisp button down shirts into.  Add a blazer and you are work-approved!

leather cami, bodysuit and pants

Another MUST for spring, pastels.  I'm seeing a lot of pastels, which may or may not be your vibe but you could always throw in an accessory in a pastel if you didn't want to fully commit.  I have this awesome fedora I can't wait to bust out!

pink fedora

Of course you can't have SPRING without florals.  Check out this gorgeous hipster blouse from Bella Dahl in of course, a pastel blue and white floral.

Love it!  Perfect for whenever it decides to warm up around here!

Lastly i'll draw attention to the fact that the 90's are making a strong comeback.  Maybe it's the pandemic and our need for comfort or general disheveled daily appearances but even Taylor Swift will attest (come back stronger than a 90's trend...) the 90's are back.  Are they ever.  From hugely thick soled sneakers and boots to cropped muscle t's and chokers.  In that spirit, we've begun stocking vintage flannels found, thrifted or stolen from unsuspecting family members and washed, repaired (if needed), steamed and ready to wear.  It wouldn't be authentic grunge if it were brand new and they are available from only $18-$25 in Shol's boutique store only.

As a teenager of the 90's, you need only look back at my 8th grade yearbook photo to confirm that denim overalls were indeed a thing.  (I'll spare you that image)  I'm loving this distressed and updated version from Free People (the Baxter Jumperand this super-soft plaid romper (Before I let go Plaid Romperis just the thing to lounge around on zoom all day in.  A great basic for everything is this cropped muscle tee.

Going with the 90's trend is a strong come back for Birkenstocks, chunky Dr. Marten boots (and look-a-likes).  Scrunchies are also back in a big way with chunky wrapped headbands making their way onto the scene.  I've even seen a thicker version of my once beloved plastic chain necklace, which had a brand type name that i've long forgotten so if anyone knows what i'm talking about - I almost wish I was kidding about this one.  

Skinny jeans are being replaced with the flares and boot cut versions once again, but in contrast to the 90's low cut, they're sticking with more of the original 70's vibe with the more figure flattering high-rise millennials have come to know and love.  My muffin top thanks you for that one.  My mom will say; "see, we were the original coolest" touché momé.  Kudos to all those in the flower child generation.