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Since I'm always asked for the record, Shole is not a family name or a nickname, or my last name.  My dad said the shoals of Vietnam were pretty and when asked how to spell it gave them S-h-o-l-e. 

From a young age I've  always been obsessed with clothes.  My mom said the laundry got out of  control as I would change my outfit multiple times a day as soon as I  was physically able to do so.  When asked what I wanted to be, it was  always a vet or a fashion designer.  I got as far as a Masters in Animal, Fisheries and Veterinary Sciences from the University of Rhode Island before realizing that was no longer my goal.  I went back to the arts and worked as a Graphic Designer and as a Director of Marketing for 14 years before the opportunity to open my own boutique found me.  It's the dream I never knew I always wanted and I am very excited to see it come to fruition.  I couldn't find a more  perfect spot in the picturesque town of Hamilton and I look forward to  meeting the residents, the students and their family. 

My goal is to bring quality fabrics in classic and fun styles that college age girls, their stylish mothers and local women will love.  I have the help of my own teenage daughter, Chloe, to guide me and you'll likely see her in the shop quite a bit.  I also have the love and support of my husband, Tim,  my son Gage and our two rescue dogs; Boden and Ella - and our newest addition, Lola the cat!